Nigeria set to redouble effort in rice production

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Nigeria’s agriculture authorities last year said that in 2017 the country will achieve self-sufficiency in rice production. This comes as ongoing research to boost rice production genetically continues, but investors in the rice production business feel this target may never be met except more efforts is added.

TVC news reports that a rice mill in north central Nigeria has the capacity to mill two hundred and eighty eight metric tonnes of rice per day.

The government remains positive the country will have no need for rice imports soon, despite the fact that some number of such mills exist in various parts of the country but much of their output is way below local demand and lots of imports are needed to augment supply.

Somewhere else in the same region, field trials are ongoing by scientists on improved species of rice, which are genetically modified.The scientists carrying out this experiment say it is a way out of Nigeria’s rice production challenges.
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This is to fix solution to Nigeria’s food sufficiency problem, but there are worries by agriculture watchers on the safety of such technology.

The investors on their own part advise that financial authourities give more funding support to agriculture.

Its masterminds insist it is what Nigeria really needs to be self-sufficient in rice production, as they approved more young population participation in farming.

The ongoing research on genetically modified rice will take about four years, before its final analysis and eventual adaptation.


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