Video: fraud alert!!! Dubious Nigerians have been using my name, asking people to pay money into their account - actress Monalisa Coker

Well known actress in Nigeria, MonalisaChinda Coker took to social media an attention that has just been drawn to her about some "dubious Nigerians," she says have been using her name, impersonating her to fraud others, asking people to pay some amount of money into their account and they'll be made Samsung-8 ambassador.
"I don't know where that is coming from and this has been going on for quit some time. I actually thought this was a joke, but money are been paid to some strange accounts. It's unbelievable," the actress says.

Expressing bad feelings -- the actress said that dealing and doing business with who you don't know, haven't met before, and you're paying money into their account or meeting them in a strange place and luring others into it -- She advised and urged everyone to quit immediately.
Watch the video below:

Monalisa Chinda, 42, is a Nigerian actress, film producer, television personality and media personality.

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